high performance wireless

Access to the Internet and corporate data- anywhere and anytime- has become  the global standard. With the existing demand for wireless connectivity our ever-increasing, true expertise is required to provide a robust wireless connection that your guests, patrons, attendees, and employees can rely on.

What we do we provide? Just that. High-performance, secure wireless networks that are tailored to your business requirements and client demand. Our certified network engineers are trained to provide customized solutions that address the full-scope of variables that contribute to successful wireless network implementation.

“It’s to a point today where the expectations are that Wi-Fi is expected… just as much as a clean room, running water and a comfortable bed”- Jeff Bzdawka, SVP Global Information Technology, Hyatt Hotels

wireless solutions implemented

We have implemented numerous high-density, long-range, multi-point, wireless solutions for a number of entities including:

  • Arena and convention centers
  • Resorts and campgrounds
  • Hotel and motel
  • Condominium and apartments
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Maritime (open water)
  • Municipal associations
  • Public Wireless Internet

wireless services offered

When in need of reliable wireless solutions, consider the services we offer:

  • Wireless consulting services
  • Wireless network planning and installation
  • Indoor / outdoor wireless survey
  • RF spectrum analysis and reporting
  • Wireless security audit
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) support
  • Wireless data analytics
  • Wireless equipment weatherproofing
  • Wireless rooftop and tower maintenance
how can we help you?

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I highly recommend Aaron and his TRGroup team for thoroughly and expertly addressing and maintaining your corporate network, especially if DoD, ITAR, and other security matters are causing you problems

M. Lloyd
Director of Operations, Frequentis Defense

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